Executing an Interior Design Project: Common Mistakes at the Project Stage

We have analyzed the most common mistakes in interior design, and will explain how to avoid a total mismatch between the project and the result.


How to move to a new office building: step-by-step plan

In this article we will explain in detail how to move your business to a new office.


Flex Office: how to attract and keep young talents

In this article, we will show examples of cutting-edge offices, explain what attracts young talents and how to create a perfect workplace for them.


Office Interior Design: Customer Checklist how to make the final result fully match the project

In this article you will find interior design work steps DESIGNIC specialists use. Our checklist might come in handy no matter what interior designer of public spaces you work with.


Office design as a good investment

Office culture in Russia has started developing not long ago. The growth of the IT-industry urged the need for open co-working spaces and well-equipped working areas. At first, companies aspired to offices like in Google, Apple Park and Microsoft where working conditions for the staff are perfect. Now office design is mostly aimed at a particular task completion — individuality is coming to the foreground.


An Office Just Like in the Movies: A Pretty Picture or Real-World Design Solutions?

Office interiors went from bulky classics to minimalism, from ill-designed offices to the functional open space concept — and during that journey they also were playing an important role on the silver and small screen. Let's take a look at several popular movies and TV shows and see who has a closet room and a roof garden at work, why use the retro aesthetic in office decor, where you can have bike meetings, and how furniture pieces are cast.

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