We are a young and creative team who are focused on working with public spaces. We are keeping up to date and seeking to introduce creative ideas and the unique approach in the Russian market. We also draw on the experience of our foreign colleagues and translate the best ideas in Russia.

Heart made – that’s our approach to work. For us it means the development of the finest solutions, providing the work of the highest quality and keeping out promises.
Working on a project we provide the whole solution of the space involving the best specialists in lightning , greening , as well as tested and reliable furniture suppliers.

Anya Sarkisiants

Ideological designer-inspirer and art director

"Inspiration comes from observing everyday life and deep analytical mind"

Anna graduated from international school of design

in Saint-Petersburg, department of design of housing environment, after it studied design of public spaces in Chelsea College of Design and Art (London)

Since 2017 Anna has been a lecturer in International school of Design in Saint-Petersburg (the course Designing of office spaces)

Anna is  a winner of the  international contest of young interior designers Design debut 2017 in the nomination — The Interior design . The implemented project of public space.

Alexandr Menzhulin

Chief executive

"Despite the fact that I can’t create a beautiful design myself I appreciate it and help to carry out the ideas of people who are gifted in creativity"

Alexandr graduated from Baltic State Technical University, department of Economy and Management at enterprise.

His job in DESIGNIC is to organize business processes.

Olga Shchetina

Development executive

"Design – is not just an esthetic part of the project but functional and planned solution due to which a united connected space with non-controversial nature is created. I have come through all stages of design project and I try to show and explain everyone how important the favourable environment is"

Olga graduated from Kuban State Technological University, her major is Indrustrial and civil construction. She also finished Saint-Petersburg Design School Artfuture, majoring in Interior design.

Olga is responsible for development of DESIGNIC

Anastasia Builina

Key-client manager

"My work in one of the leading consulting companies of Saint-Petersburg with real estate introduced me to a great deal of exciting office spaces. I studied various architectural objects ranging from reconstruction of old factories to multi-functional contemporary complexes. This experience enables me to proudly say that we have things to change and we know who this work aimed at"

Anastasia graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Trade-economic University, department of Marketing, Advertisement and Logistics.

Juliya Terletskaia


"The positive image doesn’t appear by itself, it is formed by the main business of the company and targeted informational work"

Juliya graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, majoring in Marketing.

Oksana Solodiankina

Chief architect

"Design of interior is above all functionality, accuracy in execution and esthetics of details. Making a comfortable environment for each person-is the main task of a designer"

Oksana graduated from Saint-Petersburg Architect-Constructional University, majoring in Design of architectural environment

The winner of closed architectural comptetion in developing the conception of improving the territory of Aleksandrovsky park.

The winner of XXVI International competetion of the best dissertations on architecture, design and arts.

Oksana obtained a diploma of the 1 degree and diploma of the Designer Union of Russia for the project –The concept of lightning organization of the architectural environment in the historical  part of saint-Petersburg( seen in Aleksandrovsky park). She also in charge of the project department of DESIGNIC.

Оксана Солодянкина

Svetlana Kirpichnikova

Designer of public spaces

"Design – is first of all an environment where a person lives, works, has a rest. My task is to make this environment comfortable, functional and esthetic. The space where one wants to spend their time, where a person can live a full life"

Svetlana graduated from Saint-Petersburg Architect-Constructional University, majoring in Urban construction

Ekaterina Xenofontova

Designer of public spaces

"Nothing can replace a drawing sheet! A computer projecting is just computation , mostly unemotional. To breathe life, to bring emotions, to deliver an idea to the client n a few mutes – is the main aim and task of a designer. With a help of lines one can show a character, add some mood and translate the atmosphere of the place. All above-mentioned – are essential elements of any project"

Graduated from Saint-Petersburg Architect-Constructional University, majoring in Design of architectual space.

Ekaterina obtained a diploma of the the  3d degree of the V International Festival of Architectual, Civil Engineering and Design School of Eurasia (Florence, 2015)

for the Design-project of energy-saving  individual living house.

Екатерина Зайцева

Alina Tabulina

Project manager

"During executing the project the main task is to correctly build a work of a number of contractor companies. In that sense I assist our team with a great pleasure"

Alina graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Technologies and Design majoring in Interior Design and Saint-Petersburg state university of Industrial Technologies and design majoring in Design.

Also she is in  charge of making office spaces and other public spaces in DESIGNIC

Elena Eliseeva

Designer of public spaces

"From a designer its important to live and feel the future space with a client. In this case the interior will be individual , ergonomic, inspiring"

Elena graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies  and  Design majoring in Design of spatial environment

Victoria Sudarshkina

Project manager

"To bring a project into a life it is essential to join forces of a designer and big number of contractors who help ideas to obtain a material form. The completion of a project is a labour-intensive process which allows to implement an idea of a designer considering every detail"

Victoria graduated from Pushkin Leningrad State University


Alisa Liakhova

Designer of public spaces

Graduated from Saint-Petersburg Architect-Constructional University, majoring in engineer architect

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