Setting up a modern office for Kemira international company

Year 2019
Total area 385 sqm
Client Kemira
Location Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Representatives of Kemira, a global chemistry company based in Finland, came to our studio in 2019. They were planning on opening an office in St. Petersburg. They found a venue and asked us to do the best open space design possible for it. They wanted a Nordic style interior that would reflect their brand’s values and philosophy.

In 3 months, we were able to develop a design project that accommodated all their wishes and requirements. The result was a comfortable office facility, with an open space work area, isolated offices, a recreation area, negotiation rooms, a kitchen, a reception area and bathrooms. We chose warm beige as the main color, with furniture pieces and light fixtures serving as accents. We used deep grey hues in the kitchen, balancing it off with light elements to avoid a gloomy look.


The modern office setup was successful: Kemira’s team moved to their modern, cozy venue where every square meter counted.


International publications of the project:

Office Snapshots

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